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Cellar / Basement Conversion

Many of us have houses that come with basements of many sizes and most of the time simply serve the purpose of being a storage room for stuff from years ago, clutter, or pretty much anything else. Stuff that we simply want out of the way. The shame about basements is that so many are being used like this and not as their potential which in fact a living space. Many of us worry about the efforts, cost and time to convert a basement into a suitable living space. However, you would be surprised that reaching that goal is a lot easier to achieve and that you can have space there for friends, family or even an office space.
The best thing is that there is no reason for you to move if you have space problems. That issue can be tackled by converting your basement into a stunning space that is sleek and modern and something that you can cherish. First of all, it is far cheaper than the tiring efforts of moving house and the time it will take and secondly it will add extra money to the total value of your house. So not only do you get to skip the stresses of moving but gain value onto your property, something that is beneficial in the long run. Older houses may need a bit of careful prep and planning to see over a conversation and newer builds that do not have a basement will require time and more costs to create a basement but overall you will get the great results you desire!
So maybe you dream of converting your cellar into something fabulous that will make life more enjoyable such as a home gym, snooker room or games room. Or do you simply just want to have the extra room for the family to stay over, extra bathrooms for ease or even a kitchen for visitors. Well, this can be achieved very easily and without the gloominess or lack of air to breathe. We can tackle those issues and make these living spaces light, airy and pleasant to live in with a number of options including great lighting and air vents.

  • What is a basement conversion

    Loft conversions are a versatile and stylish way to create extra space in London. Whether you need an extra bedroom or a home office, loft conversions are suitable for multiple uses and are a cost-effective way of transforming your home. You can even add a dormer to allow more natural light and use the space effectively.


    It is estimated that adding a bedroom and bathroom from a loft conversion can add over 20% to a property value. It is easily the best investment in terms of ROI (return on invetsment) that you can do to a property.


    Yes, we can arrange for you to view one of our completed lofts, we will try to arrange one that is similar to the loft you are going to have. We have completed over 30+ loft conversions in the last couple of years alone and in all shapes and sizes.


    No, the majority of loft conversions that are completed will only interfere with your upstairs hallway, all other rooms are generally left as they are. We have a specialist structure team that come in and dismantle your existing roof and erect the new roof all in 5/6 days, yes thats right, you are weatherproofed within 5/6days. Once the specialist structure have left then we come in and complete the rest of the project within 4 weeks maximum.