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Quality & Affordable Refurbishment London Contractor

Refurbishing your home or office property is a step in the right direction especially when compared to outright demolition and rebuilding. However, as simple as this may sound, the right professionals ought to be engaged to perform the job. This is what XMX Ltd builders are here to achieve. A company whose head office is located in the heart of London boasts of a team of builders who have acquired experience over the years as far as building and construction is concerned.
Making use of state of the art technology, we conform to the best industry standards in getting the job done, putting smiles on the face of our clients all the way. Now you may ask, “Why refurbish?” There are several benefits of refurbishing your old property.

  • What we do and what is our aim

    “Tr Dreams” is a company that is not afraid of aiming high. Throughout many years of our activity on construction market, we gained hundreds of good opinions from our clients. We covered such projects as residential and commercial properties, refurbishments, basement and roof extensions, maintenance services, electrical installations and many more.
    We want to deliver the best work possible, so we handle every project with great attention to details. Whatever your vision is, we will make sure we build you a home to impress. Our services include various types of refurbishment including property refurbishment, luxury kitchens and bathrooms refurbishment, bespoke joinery, house extensions, tiling, decorating, wallpapering and home automation. Our Company specialises in Residential and Commercial Refurbishment. We have refurbished restaurants across London, clubs, offices, gyms and libraries. We also work at schools, dental premises and we have big experience on all sort of refurbishments. Our aim is to always make the transformation from Before and After to breath-taking moment.
    Whether you want to build a luxury property or do a small refurbishment with such a range of services we are able to deliver a project you have been always dreaming of. We will work hard from start to finish to create an exceptional space which is comfortable and easy to live in. We will give you a stunning home that matches your lifestyle.

  • Increase the value

    We think that building or renovating your property should be an exciting experience, so we would like to take the stress away and provide you with a complex service. Choosing to do a refurbishment, bespoke kitchen, bathroom or extend your property by another room you are adding value to it. You should also remember that in case of resale, its value will be much bigger.
    We can modernise the design or upgrade the fittings within reasonable budget. This can allow you to invest little into a home or business, and by adding extra value, you can sell it and make a profitable transaction.
    We will always find a way to achieve your vision and help you gain a space you love. We do not consider a project done until a client is fully satisfied. Construction is our business and we have in-depth understanding of each step from planning to aesthetics.

  • Programme for the work

    While construction is being done, you will have an access to our building project manager and excellent customer service at your disposal. Each project has custom made programme for the work. We know that for some of the clients time is an important factor. We always estimate the duration of the work and discuss deadlines with you, so you can have a clear picture of the situation. We know the importance of time delivery of the projects, and having a full respect for you we will handle all the works as planned. We will make sure that all the deliveries and orders are planned ahead so we can avoid any delays. Plan to Fail, Fail to Plan. We always think ahead.

  • Improved Furniture

    Our expertise in the design and construction services allows us to respond to expectations of our customers. Home automation is a great solution for both big tech lovers and people who do not have a vast knowledge about technology but know that they want their home to run smoother.
    We can offer customised services for every project. XMX London provides to their customers reliable and competitive solutions. We know that having a system that responds to your needs on its own and is ready to be controlled anytime and anywhere is brilliant idea for everyone!
    We use the best modern technology and apply it in your dream home. With a range of automation solutions we can provide such from lighting and heating and blind control to energy management. We also use the devices that can be used in electrical wiring of buildings. We would like to take care of every aspect of your home. Throughout the years of experience we have developed plenty of solutions which consist of dozens of different types of elements. That makes our projects highly configurable, which is exceptionally flexible. From simple controlling of your lighting and heating systems to more advanced technology devices we will help you design and install home automation systems. Before you make any decision we offer you a free consultation. Please contact us if you wish to know more about smart home solutions.