Welcome to TR Dreams LTD


New Build Contractors

Ours is a very friendly and honest construction company that works on New Build projects across the UK.
We have been delivering new build projects (ranging from 100k to£20mln) and have finished over twenty New Build Projects in the country since 2007.
Our reputation for delivering quality service can be verified from our very satisfied clients based on various projects we have completed across the UK. Cultivating lasting relations with our clients, suppliers and professional associates is our aim. We also specialise in all kinds of windows, carpets, glassing and doors.
This we achieve by upholding integrity, fairness and honesty in everything we do. In the last ten years, our company has expanded and included additional services like conversion of garages, behind the garden new build projects, various small and large home improvements, custom-made projects of new build and conversion of Old Fabrics, Pubs, Shops, etc. In addition, we provide utility services like air-conditioning, water, waste, energy-saving solutions, new gas, CCTV, alarms and sprinkle systems.
Our construction firm is very reliable and we are ready to discuss your visions and needs. No matter the brief, our job is to clarify your vision and improve the fine details with the purpose of achieving the first-class build that suits your exact specifications.

We put in our very best to build your ideal space by providing the needed guidance and support. By so doing, there won’t be any need for you to struggle on how to go about actualizing your vision.

  • Building work and maintenance

    Tr Dreams successfully completed hundreds of various building projects. With our vast knowledge and professional skills, we provide construction services for both residential and commercial customers across the capital. Every day we gain new, satisfied customer with beautifully designed and finished construction. We provide the highest standard of building & maintenance projects.

  • Demolition

    Tr Dreams as a building company specialises in all works associated with construction like demolition, site clearance, temporary work and excavation. We also work with Waste companies that can offer a full range of waste recycling services.
    Sometimes the old is replaced with the new, so whatever your plans are, to begin a new construction projects the area must first be cleared. We built our reputation on safe and professional approach to all our work. From tender to completion we provide the best service. To ensure that, we hire professional team of demolition workers, who deliver the projects to the highest safety standards. We can assure that our work will be efficient and cost-effective.

  • New build construction services

    Tr Dreams specialises in construction services for new build projects. We provide complex work from start to finish. We deal with architecture, planning negotiations, building control applications, interior design, construction phase, electrical and plumbing installations, completion of the construction and anything else which is essential to build a new project. We have completed many projects for both residential and commercial destination. Whatever your dream project is, our aim is to provide fairly priced but professional service to you and your family.